Private Cloud Server and On-Premise

Take complete control of your server with Fexspace Enterprise.

Full Control

Managing your own server gives you complete control over your data with access privileges rather than providing access to a third-party organization. All user data transfers are accomplished using a secured SSL-encrypted connection, encryption key, and two-factor authentication (2FA). With a self-managed server, you can host Fexspace on your cloud server or on-premise hardware, giving you total control to customize your setup. This option is generally the best alternative for organizations that prefer to manage all the setup details and don't mind the additional complexities of self-hosting.

Full Scalability

Scalability is vital in managing software instances for performance reasons. No matter the size of your workforce, a self-managed cloud server gives you the ability to automatically scale every resource to keep up performance at an optimum level without any downtime. Scalability ensures your enterprise has enough resources without overprovisioning or wasting your IT budget. By having this liberty, you will be paying only for the resources you use.

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Data Security

Every enterprise must have a certain level of security and privacy that a self-managed cloud or an on-premise server provides. The self-managed server helps to keep your data safe and secure while delivering useful metrics to achieve your business objectives. Fexspace Data Security offers protection from unauthorized access and data compromise using encryption, two-factor authentication, tokenization, and critical management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

Complete Customization

Fexspace allows you to choose your front-end appearance and customize security controls using your organization’s security policies. This feature allows you to modify your data access policies. We provide a wide range of options with added protection levels, including IP-address restrictions, IPsec, VPN, Two-Factor Authentication, Custom DNS, Custom Log Retention, and more.

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Private Cloud

Access to a private cloud offers an extra level of security exclusively dedicated to the end-users within the enterprise’s firewall. A self-managed server is deployed on-premise or cloud-based with complete isolated access.

Self-managed private clouds rely on virtualization technology to merge data sourced from physical hardware into shared pools, giving you the privilege of administrative control over the server.

Easy to Deploy & Administer

Fexspace Self-Managed Server is easily accessible and quick to deploy with excellent data management services and server uptime. Deployment offers administrative privileges for the server with maximum levels of reliability, scalability, and greater control over your cloud server.

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