Your files are secured

Control and protect your information

Data Protection, Flexibility and Control

Data-Loss Protection

Fexspace ensures that your sensitive data is not lost, and it's also encrypted to protect against misuse or unauthorized access. Fexspace protects and secures your data and complies with regulations. We further protect your data with integrations with highly rated data-loss prevention (DLP) providers

Cloud & Endpoint

Fexspace protects your resources from unauthorized access, cloud-based attacks and lateral movement and also ensures that only the right person and legitimate devices can access your cloud drive.

Full Visibility & Control

Fexspace gives you privilege to monitor, control and audit your organization's work processes.

Seamless & Secured Collaboration
for Organizations

The Fexspace Trust ecosystem prevents data leaks, implements 2F authentications, offers control privilege, and seamless collaboration with the top security and information governance partners, enhancing compliance across our network.

Your data is protected by cloud and end-point security
infrastructure technologies


Secured globally by trusted security service providers

Leading innovation in team collaboration and work excellence